Second Semester

******final-project-directions–must print this out! Then, print out the RUBRIC for whichever final project you decide on.

Monologue Rubric –Project  Choice 1

Paired-Ensemble Scene Rubric-Project Choice 2

final-project-tv-episode-rubric–Project Choice 3 (8th grade only)

Questions for Reading a Play–Project Choice 4



8th Grade: if absent for classwork on Shakespeare, do the following web quest:

Shakespeare web quest

Drama Terms to define

Curriculum paper–handed out in class

2015 curr-paper





First Semester


Questions for Reading a Play-Final Project Choice 4

FINAL PROJECT TV Episode Rubric-Final Project Choice 3 (8th grade only)

Paired-Ensemble Scene Rubric-Final Project Choice 2

Monologue Rubric-Final Project Choice 1

Shoe box Theater Scene Project


Pygmalion bio poem

French Feast

Theatre Critique Sheet

glossary of drama terms

Stage Cross doc

2015 curr-paper